Building Respectful Online Communities

There’s actually a wonderful point in — it was at our Emerging Technology Conference and Quinn Norton wrote a piece, I forget what was it was in for, but it was in some fairly reputable magazine.

She said, I finally understand Tim O’Reilly. If he wanted a jet car, he would give a talk about how wonderful jet cars are, and how we really need them.

And it was very true because there’s so many things that I want to see happen; that’s why I threw in that Bodega 2.0 slide of Jen’s. You know, we’re kind of like we want this to happen. Let’s hope we can inspire some entrepreneur to do it. Okay, over here? My name is Zach and my question is where do you think will the marriage between digital media and online advertising will be going in the next 10 years? In digital media where will.

Where will the marriage between digital media and online advertising? Okay, marriage between digital media and online advertising.

Well, I guess I would say it’s not so much a marriage as it is sort of an ongoing affair. But back in 1994 I wrote — I gave a series of talks and I wrote it down eventually, a paper called Publishing Models for Internet Commerce. And I think we’ve had this long dalliance with advertising as the primary business model for online.

And I think we’re really starting to realize it’s not the only one. Back then I said, I thought the publishing industry had actually a great deal to teach the Internet. They had lots and lots of business models, crazy business models. I mean there’s actually a kind of business that harnesses schoolchildren to go around and sell magazine subscriptions, that was Publishers Clearing House, remember those guys? I don’t know if they still exist or not.

There’s crazy stuff that we’re start — that we’re going to discover. So, I think we’re going to get way beyond advertising.

We’re already seeing it, subscription is really big, and that was one of the reasons when we launched Safari Books online in 2000, it was like subscription is going to become a really important business model, we should place a bet on it. Pay-per-view, I mean that’s really what downloadable e-books are.

Or apps. And so, I think we’re starting to see we now have three or four great business models for Internet content and digital media: pay-per-view, subscription, and advertising. Guess what, they were all there in the print publishing business as well and I think we’re going to see others as well.

Okay, let’s — here? So, what’s your opinion of the current trend about open source hardware or so called makers really revolution? And can it be — can these kind of works be classified as what you’re talking about works will change the workflow of the human-computing environment? And for these directions how can we find the unique value or unique competitiveness of the services or product? Yeah.

So let me talk — the question is really what do I think about the maker movement and the opportunities there? I guess I would say a couple of things. And the first is that the maker movement has a lot hidden inside of it.

The first thing you have to look at is the arc of new technologies. Every new technology starts with a maker moment, I mean, the Homebrew Computer Club, the early World Wide Web, everybody was rolling their own, right. It turns into a big business.

So it’s really important to understand the maker movement, first of all, as a stage of the industry. It has this characteristic that as soon as it becomes mainstream people don’t see it as maker any more.

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