Today we are talking about why you should keep your goals to yourself.

All right, that’s a little harsh, but follow me here. One of the more interesting studies around success, motivation, productivity, et cetera, in the last decade is a series of findings that suggest that if you make public pronouncements about your new goals, you’re actually less likely to hit them.

Now I know this is weird, because it’s, it’s 2018, we’re in this time where everybody every Monday it seems like, not just New Year’s, but like at the beginning of every week, every month, back to school time, et cetera, people start making these new goals and then publicly announce them, right? Publicly announce them on Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Twitter, or Instagram, or whatever, and then, you know, they’re inundated with likes and comments and people congratulating them for doing something they haven’t don’t yet, ’cause they haven’t actually started working towards said goal.

And all of that contributes to a tiny little dopamine hit in our brain. We feel momentarily a little bit of what it’ll feel like to accomplish that goal, and for a lot of us, that’s good enough. Like it’s good enough to just spend time swimming in the dopamine of visualizing yourself having achieved the goal.

And then all of that makes it more likely that you won’t actually work towards the goal. So if the goal is really important to you, maybe you should keep it to yourself, and or, maybe you shouldn’t announce it publicly on social media, et cetera.

Maybe you should just announce it to those two or three people that are gonna keep you accountable. Those two or three people that aren’t gonna say congratulations, they’re gonna say how can I help and what can I remind you to do? Those may be the only people it’s safe to sort of publicly pronounce it to.

Now that doesn’t mean don’t write it down, don’t keep a record of it, don’t find a way to track it, all of those things are important for knowing that you’re getting there. And we’ll talk about ways to measure whether or not you’ve hit a goal in future DailyBurk episodes. But for now, resist the urge to make that announcement that you’ve decided to pursue a goal.

Save the Facebook post for when you actually hit it and save the dopamine rush for when you hit it too, and in the meantime, keep your goal to yourself. Until you hit it. Thanks so much for watching the DailyBurk, I would at this point, I would tell you to leave a comment and let me know what your goals are, but I don’t want you to do that, so leave a comment about something else.

Whatever else, and then, or if you’ve hit a goal, leave a comment about that. And then while you’re there, make sure you’re followed or subscribed because you’re not gonna wanna miss our future episodes.

We’re kicking then out every single weekday.

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