Today we are talking about why and how you need to ask for the job in a job interview.

Now this is something that I work with my undergraduate students when I was teaching full-time often because A, we know we need to show enthusiasm and interest in the job, we know we need to communicate that we are more committed and passionate about the job opportunity than anyone else but B, it’s really awkward to try and close for a job.

For one reason, there are all of these rebuttals, right? If it’s a first round job interview, they’re gonna say, «Well, we have lots of people to interview «and we’ll let you know by Friday at close of business.

» They always say close of business, they can’t just say five o’clock, right? They always say close of business and then the other thing is they’re not gonna call you ’til 4:45 and they’re going to make you sweat. It’s really annoying. Anyway, they’re gonna say something like that for legal reasons.

Even if they wanna make you the job offer, they’re probably not gonna do it on the spot, unless you’re the only candidate, right? So there are all sorts of reasons for one, why you can’t just ask for the job and that is why one of the things that I coach my students and I’m gonna give to you as well is a way to do it through, in sales what we used to call, a «trial close» and then a «close» and it goes like this.

No matter which round of the job interview you are in, you’re gonna have a period where your answering questions, then a period where they’re asking if you have any questions for them.

You should always have questions for them, by the way, and they change as you get further along in the job interview process, but your last question, your second to last question actually, should be, «What is the next step in the interview process look like?» And then they’ll tell you, «Okay, what the next step is if you make it «to the next round, you’ll come back with an interview «with me and then my supervisor so that we will get «a little more in-depth look at you, but it will be able to see how you fit with the broader team.

» They’ll say something like that and then here’s where you’re gonna trial close, your last question, «Based on what we’ve talked about today, «is there any reason why you wouldn’t feel comfortable «passing me on to the next round?» «Is there any reason why you wouldn’t feel comfortable passing me on to the next round?» This does two things.

One, it shows that you just asked for the job, you just asked to go to the next round. You did it in a way that was a lot more natural and authentic then, «Can I have the job?» But, the other thing that you did is you gave yourself an opportunity if there was anything that that interviewer didn’t like about your interview, you gave yourself an opportunity to respond to that, to respond to an objection and overcome it.

Now, if they just say, «No, but obviously, «we can’t offer you the job,» that’s fine. They’ll still make a note that you were passionate enough to actually ask for the job interview, but if they say, «Oh, you know, «I really didn’t like your answer «to the weaknesses question.

» By the way, we have a great way to answer the weaknesses questions, we’ll link it up up here. If they just say they didn’t like you answer to the weakness question, now you have an opportunity to expand on that and save yourself from defeat, right? So, two questions are gonna make up your way to ask for the job in every interview, no matter what stage you are in, it works.

What you simply say, «What’s the next step in the interview process?» And then, whatever that they say based on what we’ve talked about, «Is there any reason why you wouldn’t feel comfortable passing me on to the next round?» Of course, if it’s the final round and they say, «Well, we’ll go and meet with a committee and we’ll make a job offer,» you can say, «Is there any reason you wouldn’t feel comfortable giving me the offer?» Whatever it is though, they’re gonna make note that you asked for it.

You can phrase it in a way that’s authentic to you as long as you’re asking that, «Is there any reason why blank?» You can phrase it in a way that’s authentic to you. You can ask for the job, you can get a chance to overcome exceptions, and most importantly, you can show passion and determination to get that job, which is what everyone is gonna take note of when they’re on that other side of the table.

Thanks so much for watching The Daily Burk. You know what, leave a comment and let me know how you would phrase this two-step question, right? Because what’s important is to find something that’s authentic to you.

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