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Welcome back to the Daily Burk. Today, a simple rule for you, create more than you consume. I read a stat the other day, Netflix put out there that in 2018, Netflix customers spent 52 billion hours watching reruns of the Office. Now, they didn’t specify whether it was the US or the UK version.

I assume it was the US version ’cause that ran for more seasons so more of those hours are probably the US version. 52 billion hours. Now, I have nothing against the Office, it’s a great show, it’s a funny show filled with really talented actors. I used to show clips from the Office in my HR classes when I was a full-time business school professor.

I love the Office but when I see 52 billion hours spent on a couch or a chair or holding a little screen in front of you watching the Office, my immediate reaction is, what else could we have been doing? I have a simple rule in my life, I have a couple of simple rules but this one in particular, create more than you consume.

However many hours you have spent consuming, it’s fine. People need consumption time, we need down time, we need time to just relax, turn our mind off and watch something like the Office. What’s not okay is to spend more hours doing that every week or every year than we spend creating and when I see 52 billion hours, I think, wow, what companies did we miss out on doing business with, what products that could have changed the world didn’t get invented, what community service could have been contributed to right a societal wrong that didn’t happen because we were passively watching the Office.

Again, totally cool to spend, you know, 12 billion hours watching the Office but, when I see 52 billion hours, I hope that, as a society, we spent more billions than that doing things constructive.

I can’t control society, what I can do is control myself and encourage you to take control of yourself too. Spend more hours creating than you’re consuming. Totally cool to consume, that’s fine, the Office is a great show but create your own version of it first and spend more hours doing that than you spend passively consuming and you’ll know, in that instance, that you are creating value for yourself, for the organization you work for, for the world and for the right to spend that time watching the Office.

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