Welcome back to the The Eduard’s blog and today we’re talking about the two types of people you need on your team, you need in your network.

The other day, I was listening to a seminar from a woman, I mean candidly I had never heard of this person. Her name is Margaret Morford. I was invited to go the seminar.

She was talking about politics and networking and influence and all of these are things that I’ve studied in the past et cetera, and I believe you can learn something from everyone.

And she used very specific terms that make it really easy for you to remember these. The first she called the Oracle. This is the person that you come to for advice, right.

This is usually a person who’s been doing it longer than you or has at least had more diverse experiences than you, so that they have something to provide advice from. I love this term, Oracle, because it reminds us who it is, right, and if you looked at your current network you could very easily know, do I have an Oracle or do I not? The second term was equally creative, equally from ancient mythology.

She called it the Chimera. Now if you remember Chimera, Chimera was like this ancient mythological creature that supposedly had the head of a dragon but the body of a lion, I think, and the wings of an eagle or something.

I don’t really remember. The idea was it was like the most crazy connection, crazy collaboration of different ideas, different animals, all in one animal, and we all need a Chimera in our network too. Maybe they don’t look like the giant combination of different stuff.

What I mean is that they think so differently than you that you are like, where did that even come from? Right, because if a Chimera walked around the corner, you’d be like, what is that and where did it come from? You need people in your network. You need the Oracles, sure, that are gonna give you advice.

These are people that are further down the path that you are traveling, but you need people who’ve never even seen your path, are in a totally different path, and can challenge your assumptions and make you see the world a little bit differently. The Oracle and the Chimera, do you have one of each on your team? Do you have one of each in your network? If not, it’s time to go find them.

Time to go Oracle and Chimera hunting. Thanks so much for watching this episode of The DailyBurk. Leave a comment below. Let me know, do you have an Oracle, do you have a Chimera or do you need one? Maybe we can like play that role for each other in the comments, let me know.

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To help you do your best work ever and I wanna make sure you don’t miss a single one.

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